Are there any plans to implement a dark / night mode to the Outsystems interface (a la Apple's iOS)?

It would be useful for many users who need sharper contrast, or simply find it easier to work without swathes of white background.


Hi Lee Rowley,

Is that possible to be achieved by switching a Theme dynamically?

I'd say to support a night mode theme in your app, do it the right way by creating an UI, which changes colors but respects the visibility of the elements.

If you want to elaborate this and suggest it for OutSystems to implement, you can register your idea here:




Would be nice, there is already an idea posted for it. So if you press the like button, then maybe you get lucky one day.





Thanks for responses - the suggestion was for a night/dark/mellow mode (delete as applicable) for Service Studio itself, as the amount of white or off-white backgrounds can glare at times.

I've liked the post suggested by Daniel Kuhlmann, so hopefully OS will see there is enough support for this idea.


Hi Lee Rowley,

Now I understand. The answer I gave was in the context of an application, and your question was related to Service Center. 

Good to know that your question is addressed by Daniël Kuhlmann , please mark his solution if your topic is solved!