in below mentioned screenshot i am adding breakpoint in start and start debugging my application but when control goes to createorupdateTimesheet after step over control going to TimesheetDetailsTable.list and again i press step over it wont go to assignment, direct control goes to downline and process so on..

why my debugging control not going into the foreeach() loop. Please help me.

Thanks in Advance.


Hi Amit,

Please check that you are debugging in the public area and you have recently 1CP (1-click-published) your module. It could be that your most current version isn't published yet or that you are debugging a different version in your personal area.

Please let me know what's the case.

Kind regards,

Hello Amit,

While debugging web applications you can also define breakpoints in widgets. The step commands mentioned above ( Step Over,  Step Into and  Step Out) have a particular behavior on widgets:

  • They don't stop on widgets unless the widget has a breakpoint, or is designed using elements that are evaluated at runtime as, for example, widgets designed using user-defined functions;

  • The order that step commands follow widgets on the screen is the same by which they are rendered and not the order the widgets are displayed on the screen.

    Try placing a debugger point on for each widget or assign statement and check

Hi Amit,

can you also check following 2 things :

1) while you are debugging, can you see in the widget tab that the listbox is indeed not empty, and has at least one item in it

2) what are the properties of your for each, you didn't accidently set the maximum iterations to some variable that happens to be 0 during your test ?

Just 2 things to check, it would be easier if you could share some example oml where this happens (if you can't share your project oml, maybe take a clone, take out everything sensitive, test, and if it still behaves like this, share it



Hi Amit,

When your debugger is not going inside the loop then it have two cases - 

1) List which you are assigning to ForEach loop may be not contains any record.

If it contains some record then try option 2 -

2) Secondly, did you verify what you have assigned to start index.. Assign 0 and try it.. 

Let me know if still it not work and also let us know we all can help here.

Hope it solve your problem.


Rajat Agrawal


Hi all,

let me check.