Associate exams (OutSystems 11)

Hi there,

I think that there are many people who received certificates like Associate Web Developer (OutSystems 11) or Associate Mobile Developer (OutSystems 11)

Please tell us how you prepared, how it was on the exam what we need to pay attention to.

I will be glad to your any advice.


Mirzarashid Abbasov

Hi Mirzarashit,

The best way to prepare is to watch the online video's and do the online exercises that are available on the learn section of this website. Next to that you could check the quizes that are availble on this course:

If you think you have a basic understanding of all subjects, try to explain them in your own words to someone else and see if you will run into any lack of knowledge.

Good luck preparing!

Kind regards,
Martijn Habraken

Hi Martijn,

Thanks for your support.

Please tell me in what order do you recommend taking exams first Associate Web Developer (OutSystems 11) and then Associate Mobile Developer (OutSystems 11) or vice versa?

Mirzarashid Abbasov

Hi Mirzarashid,

This is a very personal choice to be honest both orders are possible.

If you would ask me personally I would advice everyone to first to the Associate Web Developer and then continue with the Associate Mobile Developer.

Kind regards,
Martijn Habraken