Site property changing without publishing espace


Maybe this is a bit of a stupid question but when I change a site property's value the value is not changed when I debug the espace. Only after a publish the change is visible. Is this like it should be? I'm using os11 in the personal cloud.

Hi Freek,

Asuming that you change the site property value in Service Center, and not its default value in Service Center, the change should be effective on all front end servers. The change is an Opertions change not a compile-time change so you should needed to publish the module again.

But maybe this is only true, when not debugging? Not sure.

For more info you can read:



Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your answer, but my colleague is working on a private OS10 environment and when he changes the site property value in service center the change does not need a publish of the module. So is this something only in the personal cloud or in OS11?

No I do not think it is related  to personal environment or platform version. It sounds like to be more related to the fact that you are in an active debug session.

Why not try a LogMessage of the site property instead of debugging? That way you can confirm if there is different result or not compared to debugging.

The LogMessage result is visible in service center.

Hi Daniel,

So I'm a bit confused now, you say the change is only affected after republishing the app. In the OS10 environment we confirmed by doing a LogMessage that changing the site property has affect without republishing the space. Only when I do the same in the personal cloud the change is only affected after republishing. What is the correct way it should work you think? And do you have any clue how come the other environment can work differently then.

Hello freek,

Site Properties are stored in the database. When you publish, the value is fetched from the database and it lives in the application cache. 

This means that when you change the site property value in Service Center, the value is updated in the database, and the cache is invalidated so that the new value is stored.

I did some simple tests in my own personal and everything worked as expected, including changing the value in the Service Center while the action that did a refresh in the screen showing the site property value (with a Submit, the action was empty, actually) was stopped in Debug with a breakpoint. 

So, I couldn't reproduce your problem.

Could you create a minimum working module with a site property that reproduces your problem, and the exactly steps to reproduce it?

This would help us understand the problem and find a solution or workaround.



Received your PM. 

If you are getting errors of invalidate cache service, than you need to contact the support, as this is a bug in the platform and it actually impacts the update of site properties, forcing to publish the module to them to take effect. 

This is a known bug... 


P. S. Seems the support has a workaround, if I am not mistake

Till this point support has not replied yet. I saw that there is now also a possibility to reboot the server maybe I should try that?


You can try to restart the services, but as this 'seems' to be a server version problem, I'm not sure it will work. 

But if it is something related to the actual status of the system instead, it may work.