How should I implement this kind of function? I need your help.

As you can see the images above,  I hope to implement the function to display the data inside Aggregate on a screen like this.

What is the first step?

I'd appereciate it if you could give me some tips and how to implement this function.

I look forward to your reply.

Also,if you have any questions, feel free to ask me! 


Wou want to show what, exactly? 

A single column of a single row, all rows, what? 

First you need an IF in the screen. It must have a condition that uses a variable (local or session) that you can change so the condition becomes true or false, and you set it initially to False and in the skip button change it to True. 

If the button is set to Ajax Submit method, you need also to give the IF a name and execute an Ajax refresh on it in the screen action. 

Than, in the true branch, you use something to show the data: Expressions, Table Records, etc. 



Tsubasa Yoshikawa,

I assume you want to show QA.Japanese in the green area when you click "Next" button.

To implement that you have to do the following steps:

  1. Have a container around your green area, let's say JapaneseTextContainer.
  2. Create a Local variable, let's say JapaneseText of type Text.
  3. Set button's Method to AjaxSubmit.
  4. Put an Expression widget on 1st green area, set its Value property to JapaneseText (it should be placed within JapaneseTextContainer)
  5. In your action after GetQADisplay add Assign block and assign GetQADisplay.Current.QA.Japanese to JapaneseText.
  6. After Assign block add AjaxRefresh block and set its Widget property to JapaneseTextContainer.

Hope this helps