Editable Table - Capture Click on .CancelRowAction


i need to hide a button in my screen when the editable table is in the "edit mode" and show it again when the table exit the "edit mode". Can someone help me? I tried many approaches but i always have problems with the .CancelRowaction.


Hi Mariana,

As when you start editing a record in an EditableTable, the classes applied to the table at the highest level are modified, you can hide other elements using pure CSS, with more or less difficult depending on where the element to hide is. 


Attached is the code I used. as the DIV (the red one) is a sibling of the EditableTable, it is easy to implement this with the following CSS:

Table[class="EditableTable OSFillParent SupportsEdit OnEdit"] ~ div 
    display: none;

Hope this can help you.


Thank you Eduardo, your answer helped me a lot.


Hi Mariana, 

Glad to know. If you can mark my answer as solution, than, this help others looking to solve the same problem. 

If you opted for a different solution, kindly put it here and mark you own solution them, as to the same ending: helping others when searching for a solution to a similar problem.