Error with site properties: Input string was not in a correct format.

Hello all,

I'm usign my personal area and since yesterday, whenever I try to use a site property, the platform returns this error: Input string was not in a correct format. I even tried to debug it and all the site properties values were "Input string was not in a correct format."

Have you ever had a similar problem?

Best regards,

Hi, can you send us a print of your screen?



Hi, can you send us a print of your screen?


Hello Leonardo,

What can I give you so you have a better understanding of the situation ?

On the screen the only thing that you will see is the Exception Feedback Message saying: Input string was not in a correct format.

Also I put a breakpoint on the action where this happens and the values of the Site properties are as seen in the image attached. Hope it helps.

Best regards.

Your site properties might not be set & may be the default value is also empty & thus while you try to access this you are getting this exception, can u check the default value or try to add it ... just to cross-check this.


Hello Ricardo,

I never saw this error before...

Did you know if your platform version was upgraded recently?
If you create a site property and publish the module, can you check the site property value in Service Center?

In the Error Log in the Service Center, can you find something related to this, or maybe an error related to Invalidation of the Cache (once site properties live there)?

Does this happen only on this module? And on new modules?

If closing the Service Studio and open it again, to rule out the possibility of instability on it, what happens?

If you try to publish everything and nothing changes, what happens? 

If you export your module, run service studio from the command line with ServiceStudio.exe -recover <your locally saved espace>.oml and then publish the module again, what happens?

If nothing works and this happens on new modules as well, I suggest you to open a ticket on the support.



I know this is a late response but I just felt in the same issue after plateform upgrade v11.10.3, and we have done all the validations after the upgrade but still one of the modules was facing this issue.

We managed to fix that by removing all inactive site properties (is_active = 0) in table "ossys_Site_Property_Definition" filtered by the espace that has the problem (you can get its id from table "ossys_Espace"), then I rebuilt all table indices from the sql server after that everything worked as expected.

Hint: our environment is on-prem so we are able to manipulate the DB.

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