Have any of you ever created an English Learning app?

I'm just curious about whether it is possible to create an app just like  you can study a foreign language...

If you have created such app before, I'd like to hear about how you did it!

If possible, I'd appreciate it if you could give me a file that I can use as a reference.

Like an app everyone often download in Play Store on their smartphone.

Best regards,



Of course that would be possible to create with OutSystems.

First step would be to search the OutSystems Forge for an app that that fullfills your requirements. If found it, you can install and change it to your needs.

If not found you have to be creative and build it yourself.

To have the mobile app available in the Apple Store or Google Playground you will need Apple and Google developer accounts. Using these accounts you can put your application in the stores after Google and Apple have verified your application.