Good Day,

I have a concern regarding API Synchronization that needs to display real-time. the problem is right now the application uses a timer to process the data from API which lasts at least three(3) hours. The API has a minimum of three thousand records.  Is there a way or approach to this certain scenario? 

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Raphael Laurence Reyno

Transnational E-Business Solutions Inc.

Hi Raphael,

Troubleshooting and improving performance is often a science and an art. Typically a good understanding of the architecture in depth and isolating the bottlenecks would help to come up with action plans for improvement.

I'd like to suggest using LifeTime Analytics to find out more, and drill down into which Actions and Process might be causing the API sync issues.

The Timer logs from Service Center are also good places to look for potential errors like timeouts, validation errors, etc. 

Hope this helps. 

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