hey, I'm at the beginners level, I'm unable to find out the answer of above Question,

Although in Expression we can change the value or data present inside and 

text & label both stores  the static text,

then what's the difference between them...


Hi Mehul,

for a beginner, developing web apps OS 11 is really good, starts with all the basics.

One of the lessons in it is about basic widgets like text, expression and label

you'll find answer to your questions there,


Hi @Mehul Rathore

It's good question as beginner :)

For the label you will get an option to bind with Input widget.

where as in  the Text  you get this option

I hope that i answered you question

Hi Mehul,

Both labels and text can be used as captions to input widgets. But labels has better usability compared to text. Labels has a property to associate it with an input widget. When you click on the label the focus is moved to the associated input widget. 

Text widget displays a static text in the UI

Expression widget allows you to display dynamic text based on the expression value.