Hi all,

I would like to know the following two points in a multi-tenant environment

(1) How to add an index to a  multi-tenancy table

(2) Correct way to Publish indexes for multi-tenancy table to another environment


At the First time. I could not add anindex to the multi-tenancy table with an Error.

Therefore,  Iset "Multi-tenant = Off" in the table and did it again.Then it  succeeded.

However, when I downloaded the application andpublished it in another environment, it could not be published correctly.


  1. "1 Click-Publish" itselfappears to have finished normally without an error,  but

       there wasno index that I supposed to add to the table

  2. Some eSpace in the published application was not updated

        (Thedate on ServiceCenter is updated, but the contents are not reflected)


  1. Changetables "Is Multi-tenant" to No and add an index.

   2. Change"Is Multi-tenant" to Yes

   3. Downloadthe oap file

   4. "1Click-Publish" the oap file to another environment

         (At this time, the internal DBof the transfer destination is in the

           state of Is Multi-tenant =Yes)


Multitenancy is a built-in feature in the OutSystems Platform. 

In the Multitenancy environment a table index by tenant ID for multi-tenant tables are created automatically by the OutSystems platform itself.


Swatantra Kumar

Hi Swatantra,


Thank you for comment.


The article that you taught me explains the index that created automatically. for sure. But I want to know how to publish some indexes, that made by manual operations, to other environment.


If you have any knowledge, please help me.


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