[MultipleSelection] OS11 Demo?

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Published on 30 Mar by Palash Debnath
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Published on 30 Mar by Palash Debnath

Would it be possible to get a demo OML for OS11. We are having a hard time implementing this component in our environment. I have tried implementing it in the same way the demo has, but we are unable to get the selected values to bind to the input widget. Is there a difference between the OS10 and OS11 implementation?

Hi Trevor,

I just had a try with OS11, the only way I can get selected values out of it, is by setting the defaultSelected option to False.  Not sure if we really need this option anyway, since you can use initOptionsValues to pre-select one or more values.  So if that is acceptable for your project, then see attached oml.

I'm not sure either what the placeholder is for, since I could only get it to work with the selectedOptionValueHolderInputId populated, even when I put the input widget inside the placeholder.  Except maybe that it automatically hides the input, and you'd still have to do that yourself if you put the input in your screen instead of the webblock's placeholder.

Hope this helps,