service center doesn't open in front-end

Hi, After install two front-ends in production environment, service center doesn't work in this new servers, aplications works well but service center doesn't access.


João Henrique

Hi João,

What we see frequently in these logs is a communication failure to the localhost on port 12000, which is the port responsible to listen to DC calls:

"No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it"

Did you configure the Deployment Controller in the Configuration Tool as If yes, then this is a bad practice, as you're running a farm environment, and this way the frontends will not be able to connect to the Deployment Controller Server.

I would first review the Configuration Tool configuration in the Deployment Controller tab from the new servers to ensure you set the correct DC IP.

Weird thing is that Service Center doesn't work whilst other apps are accessible

Hi João. The configuration tools is correct, whit IP of controller server. Usually, i configure the controller with localhost and front-ends with IP, server name or DNS. But, in this case, all server have in configurations tolls the IP of controller. one of the tries to fix this was change all configuration tolls to have the same configurations and click on apply and exit button with no reinstallation of service center.


João Henrique

Ok, perfect.

In that case, you can do the following:

  1. Try restarting the Deployment Controller Service on the DC
  2. Make sure the frontends can communicate with the DC server on port 12000. A good way to check this would be opening a powershell window on the frontends and execute Test-NetConnection -Port 12000 deploymentcontrolleraddress

we changed configuration  equal to deployment. Now it is working fine. You can close.