How to solve - String or binary data would be truncated.

Hello guys,

I am having a issue when a try to upload pdfs in my application. The error that appears is :

String or binary data would be truncated. The statement has been terminated.

I already tried to upload Word, Excel formats and works fine, but pdf didn't seems to work exactly the same way. I tried to upload pdf files with 50000 bytes and even more and not all works. I've tried also upload files just with 5000 bytes and also doesn´t worked. 

Can anyone explain me with this happen and how can i solve it please?


Pedro Santos


That's strange. 

Could you share an example?


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Hi Pedro Santos,

 It might be due to a filename or content type. Those are sometimes large and do not fit with the limit we defined in entities.

Can you share the Service Center log, I am pretty sure we will get a clear idea of which entity is throwing this exception for a limit of attribute & would help me or folks here to resolve.


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Hi Pedro,

Complementing what the staff commented, change the fields in your table to the ideal one for your file name.

Alter Length to 100 or 200.