PC requirement for Outsystems 11?

Recently I got a laptop upgrade to replace my current i7-3667U 6gb ram with Intel 4000 HD integrated graphic Windows 7 pro laptop as I find it struggling to run the Outsystems 11 IDE (working on mobile app)

The new laptop is having i7-8550U 16gb ram with Intel 620 UHD integrated graphic on Windows 10 home (version 1809) laptop. To my surprise, it lagged even more on this machine than my old one. Example of slowness: 

  • Dragging/Adding new widget inside of server action flow. This flow contains about 20 widget action.
  • Opening up expression (in UI) to change logic.
  • Publishing and viewing it in Chrome - i can hear the laptop churning it very hard. It is as if the fans run on full mode.

All laptops are running on SSD with Trend Micro antivirus (no firewall component). All drivers are updated using IOBit driver booster. I have also tried to disable antivirus and closing all application except Chrome browser (with no tabs except the publish page) and Outsystems IDE.

  1. Does Outsystems 11 requires dedicated graphic card to run or intel non-U processor?
  2. Can you guys share with me the specs you have that allow you to run smoothly?

When i closed OS 11 IDE, i can easily run Chrome with 12 opened tabs, with GIMP photoshop, word 2016, outlook 2016, and Opera 18 opened tabs on both laptops. They ran smooth.


Your hardware specification should be more than sufficient to run OS11 smoothly.

I have on my company laptop similar specs running smoothly.

On a customer laptop with and IT processor it is noticeable slower. 

But I7, 16gb ram and sad should me sufficient for good performance.

So as you experience nevertheless performance problems using service studio, the root cause is most likely different.

Maybe network related?