Customer360  Partner demo app

Has anyone had issues installing the 'Customer360' Partner demo app? We spent over a day trying to Publish it. At least 5 or 6 modules were missing from the downloaded file. We had to manually load these modules from the Forge. Even then we had errors in the Published app. 

I lodged an OS support ticket with a 'Normal' priority .... I am told the SLA is 2 weeks for a response ... is this true?

Can anyone tell me why publishing an app from 'Service Studio' is different to Publishing from 'Service Center'?

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Hi John,

I'll reach out to you directly. Thanks.

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Hi John,

When I tried to publish the Customer 360 solution it also reported some missing modules: InAppChatWeb, TimelineSource, WebNotifications, WebPushExtension, ThreeDeeTouchPlugin, InAppChatMobile

The following apps from the Forge will satisfy all of these dependencies so you can re-publish without error:

In-App Chat Web
In-App Chat Mobile
3d Touch Plugin
Web Notifications
Timeline JS

However note that on my platform (OS 11) I had to force install most of these. The sample apps in the partner area are not always compatible with the dependencies of the standard demo apps so you need to check the demo apps still function as expected. (We are trying to get the sample apps in the partner area aligned with the dependencies of the standard demo apps.)

I have not yet investigated if all functions of the app are working. In-app chat generally requires firebase to be configured.

In the future for these types of requests, as a partner you'll get a faster response if you contact your partner manager directly.



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Thanks Richard,

We eventually got the Customer 360 app working by resolving the issues, pretty much inline with your experience as noted above. It might be helpful to add some notes  in the install instructions that this might be a normal experience. We thought we had broken something or had an incompatibility with OS11, hence the ticket.

Thanks and Regards John