How far can I go in a mobile app with Free License?

 I would like to build a mobile app on my own, but I don't know how far I can go with the free license only. Since I am studant and I'm not part of any company, I cannot afford to pay U$ 6250,00 for the enterprise license. As it is not a very large application, should I worry about it?

Otherwise, would I be able to make this application without paying the enterprise license?

Hi Ian,

You can make as many apps as fit in your personal environment. You have total space of 2gb available for apps and data.

You have specific limitations, most important you have to regularly change and publish something to avoid that your environment is no set in 'sleep' mode. If it does you can wake it again.

There are done more restrictions, but money is not one of them. It is all free.



Hi Ian,

You can use the personal environment to create as many apps as long as inside the 2gb limit storage.

Additional thing that you must know:

1. Personal license cannot idle, meaning you must routinely check so like Daniel said, not fall into "sleep" state

2. Personal license that fall into the sleep state, can loose all of the application if you do not wake it up for sepcific time.

3. Personal license can only create development application and not production application (meaning you cannot publish it to the store, and can be distributed only by copying the ipa/apk)


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Addition to this :

When you Keep he Personal environment idle for a while then it is disabled/down unless you start it again.

Hi Assif, I think i mentioned that, but in addition, if you keep your personal environment down to long, they will back all your work up in a solution, remove it and you receive a link to the downloaded solutions, which you can load again after you wake your environment up again.

Here is a part of the text you can find here 'Whats an OutSystems Personal Enviroment':



Is it really free? Until when?

Yes, completely free.

Your Personal Environment will be available:

  • As long as you continue developing your apps.

  • Your apps are consistently accessed by end-users.

If you stop developing in your Personal Environment for an extended period of time, your Personal Environment will be recycled. This allows saving resources for other developers. But don't worry! Long before that happens, we'll let you know. We'll send you emails remembering to continue developing in your Personal Environment.

If your environment ends up being recycled, we'll create a snapshot of the applications you had. We'll send you an email with instructions on how you can restore your apps in a new environment. Keep in mind that we only take a snapshot of the applications, not the data, and also, the snapshot will be available for the next 6 months.

Thank you everyone!

So according to Toto, I can't make this application commercial? Having only the free license, can't I publish it on Google Play or AppStore, for example?

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correct, that is not possible. But you can load it directly on a (android) phone or using OutSystems Now on either Iphone or Android.

With OutSystems now you are limited in which plugins are supported.


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Appreciate :)