website scrape using curl command


I would like to scrap the website using curl command but whenever i use curl command with many possiblities, getting only the login page and unable to by-pass it further of expected page.

It looks like some authentication problem unable to login into it.

Kindly help me with possiblites to proceed further.


With 'the website' you mean an OutSystems web application?

If so yes, most likely you need creditials to login.



Yes Daniel,

I have just tired with login and password also it is only getting the webpage of Login.

Not getting expected page

If you access the page in a webbrowser then try to login and confirm your credentials are correct.

As Daniel says if you want to access the page you have to log in,  otherwise you have to make that pages in anonymous role select. If you select the screen as anonymous then it will not ask the Login Details. Please check and I hope it will help you. 



iam connecting with correct crendential but unable to bypass the login the page,

Kindly guide me to do the same with curl command for example


we don't think so we can use the site into anonymous.

Please help me on it

I don't think this is an OutSystems issue.

You have problems using curl correctly.

This is not the forum to find expertise on using curl.

I sugggest you check out forums targetting audience that uses curl.

The command which iam giving is the correct one and I felt which is something not access in the website(unable to login)

Hi All,

Please guide me to login to the website using unix end?