Has anyone tried to integrate recently an Augmented Reality plugin in outsystems?.

I integrate the cordova plugin "wikitude", but I have problems importing (script_src library = 'https://www.wikitude.com/libs/architect.js';) , someone has successfully used augmented reality in OustSystems and if so, there is an example or guide.

plugin : https://github.com/Wikitude/wikitude-cordova-plugin.git

I searched the forum and there is not much information about it.

I did start working on developing a component for Wikitude and got it working (kind of) I was able to place objects in AR.
After this I got busy with new clients and left it to be on my personal environment which now has been lost. But I am planning to pick it back up again at some point.

If I remember correctly I just studied their examples closely and started with simple things (recognizing planes, placing the default objects etc).
I ran into the same architect.js import issue as the actual code is being injected by the plugin on run time and haven't found a proper way around it.
I think I created a JS function that added ran the needed JS script and placed it in the header on initialize.

I'll try to free up some time and pick it back up and see what I can do

Thank you Eric, 

I would appreciate your development experience, I will keep trying, I'm new to this.

It is good to know that it is possible with O.S.

Yonathan Rivas wrote:

Thank you Eric, 

I would appreciate your development experience, I will keep trying, I'm new to this.

It is good to know that it is possible with O.S.

You are welcome Yonathan, for now I'd suggest to do a quick goodle search on how to add and load a javascript to the header (as the actions provided by OS for this didn't seem to do the trick as I recall).

And as soon as I've set something up again I'll let you know

here is one solution to integrate with Wikitude plugin done with the Github samples and the original Github repository, only the plugin will add +-10MB to you apk.

- All of the content (wtc files produced from Wikitude studio, index.html for the overlay, ade.js and the js for the experience [not the initialization in the plugin] need to be in resources, the other way is to change the ios and android code of the plugin to accept url for example
- The demo has multiple resources see the target directory for them, that is important for the demo work

the action Wikitude_InitWorld in the core initiates the world (camera and so on) for the Wikitude plugin the input URLOverlayPage is the absolute path for the index file that will be used in your experience for the overlay see the input in the demo, that is important as said in the disclaimer

this is just an example of implementation, you can change the core as you like but for best practices please leave the plugin in a module itself. You may need to change some code in the init world JS to improve your experience, this plugin is difficult to make as a standard for everyone because the code will change for every different experience.
You just install that demo and generate the apk (only tested in android), and test it with this examples

https://www.wikitude.com/external/doc/documentation/latest/phonegap/images/magazine_page_one.jpeg - for the image on target

https://www.wikitude.com/external/doc/documentation/latest/phonegap/images/solar_system.jpg - for the solar system with animation

I hope this can help you