[Firebase Cloud Message Plugin] Not receiving notifications on iOS

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Published on 18 Jul by Experts
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Published on 18 Jul by Experts


We've tried updating the plugin to support MABS 5.0 on Android but updating the plugin caused a problem. iOS no longer receives notifications, I've debugged the middleware plugin and the PostSendIos API call response shows that it has failed: Succes: 0, Failed: 1

That's the only information in the response. I've set the integration logging to full but nothing appears in the integrations log (also successfull calls don't appear).

We are currently on OS
The apps were generated with MABS 5.0.

Right now we've gone back a version of the plugins and the notifications are working for Android and iOS but since MABS 4.2 is to be deprecated on Oct 01 2019 we have to find a solution for iOS notifications.

Did anyone encounter the same issue, if so, how was it solved?