Hello colleagues!

Need help with one task.

In my project when user put beige ID from "Card reader" and this ID is bigger then 6 elements it must delete first and last one automatic and leave only "6H8T2M"

How i can realize this?

i was trying to use OnChange. Put Correct data to Variable "Bage". But how make InputBage equal my Variable Bage??

Hi Alexander,

I'm not sure if this is a form or just some independent input widgets, but each input is bound to a variable, either a value coming from the database (through an Aggregate or a Query) or some local variable in the screen.  (the 'Variable' parameter of the Widget)

Just assigning a new value to this variable, and Ajax Refreshing the input widget is the most straightforward way of doing this.

I'm not sure using the onChange event is the most comfortable for the user, getting the text you are typing changed while you are still at it ... but I don't know your requirements, your users might be ok with it.



see for example attached oml

Hi Alexander,

Try adding an Ajax refresh to the input widget after your Badge Assign.

Hello Alexander, as colleagues have said, I also believe that only one ajax refresh is missing to update the field in question


Gustavo Gonçalves


Alexandre Santos wrote:

Hi Alexander,

Try adding an Ajax refresh to the input widget after your Badge Assign.

Thanks for advise!

in fact i resolve this task by using variable and Ajax refresh.

1. Assign Recorrd as Variable and create new Action

2. Create local variable Bage

3. in Action process i check length of typed value

4. Assignee to Bage variable data without 1  and last sign

5. assignee data from "Bage"  to Record   input Widget.

6. Ajax refresh  input wiget

Resut: when we insert or type data mere then 6 symbols it automatically Del first and last char:

(Check on "Phone" input wiget)