Hello! I developed a mobile application and on Android it is running correctly however, when I installed the app on my iphone it runs the first time but when I close it and reopen it, it stays in the splash screen sometimes the loading bar is shown and sometimes it isn't. I repeat the process and it stays once again in the splash screen. 

I'm developing on platform version 10.0.1011.0

I could really use some help. 

Thank you! 

Hi Jennifer Domínguez 

Can you share the Service Center Log for the Same,

I am sure there's any plugin might be causing an issue or some incompatibility of configuration, Geeting the log will make it clear for you n folks here to help.

How to get Logs:


Hope it helps,


Hello Assif, thanks for your quick answer. 

This is the error i'm getting: 

ios build is not able to upgrade properly i.e failed, you can either re-generate the build & try again.

Also, check the  MABS version you've used for IOS build.

You need to configure the firewall and other network constraints. Here's what you need: MABS connectivity requirements.

or try to re-generate build with correct MABS & re-install it n check

or do connect Outsystem Support for the same.