How to show Buddhist calendar in Mobile app to support multilingual

Hello Team,

I have requirement to input the birth date in input field by user, Currently systems is using Gregorian calendar to pick date instead of that I want Buddhist calendar to pick date from phone and while saving in Database the date should be saved in Gregorian calendar's respective date.

ex. While displaying and selecting birth date The app should show 2538/09/02 which is Saturday but while saving the birth date the App should save 1995/09/02 - Saturday.

Hi Kiran.

Not an exact solution but on high-level below is my suggestion to try & I am sure it will work.

The Buddhist Era different on Christian Era only +543 years into the Christian year with format  dd/MM/yyyy

For example 21 AUG 2014
21/08/2014 in the Christian Era = 21/08/2557 in the Buddhist Era  

Now here's the trick goes:

1- The moment when you open/show calendar to a user based on the current date of the device, you can Add +543 years to the Date you get i.e using AddYears(DeviceDateTime,543) & setting that Date to the Calendar.

2- Now while saving you just need to do vice-versa of step-1; you need to do Subtract with -543 i,e AddYears(SelectedDateTime,-543) always.

Hope it helps,


Hi assif_tiger,

Thanks for your reply, But I have already tried this solution, My concern is as per your example on 21/08/2014 is Thursday in other hands on 21/08/2557 is Sunday. but the both dates should be on Thursday because these are equivalent dates.


Hello team, 

I have created component for Buddhist calendar in web and mobile now the component is available on forge.