[How To - Build an App with Multilingual Support] UploadImage Widget Text Translation
Forge component by André Madeira


I'm doing the multilingual translating of my application. But the widget UploadImage text 'Choose File' and 'No Choose File' does not appears in the Editor Translation of the Multi-Language locales. The Outsystems translating to my original language (portuguese), howerver not to the language set by Set Locales. Is there some way to resolve this?



Hi Roberto,
You could use the FileUpload component of WebPatterns, where you can set your own text on the button and translate it.

remembering that you still need to use UploadWidget, but now you will pass it as FileUpload parameter

Hope this helps.


Gustavo Gonçalves

Hi Gustavo,

Great!!!! It works. Thank you very much by your help.

Best regards,


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