[Magnific Popup] Popup not working

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Published on 26 Jun by Matheus Medeiros
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Published on 26 Jun by Matheus Medeiros

I am not able to make the popup working. It keeps opening as a new page. I noticed that there were some other posts talking about the theme and specifying the layout for the Pop-up Editor web block. I tried anything I saw, but I am still missing something.

When using the outsystems pop up editor I am able to make it work. 

I also looked at the sample application and everything looks the same.

Hi Spiros,

Is there any erro pormpt at the browser console once the page is loaded ?

Also, can you confirm if you are using the Magnific Popup component instead of the Rich Widgets one ?

Magnific Popup:

Outsystems Popup:

Hi Matheus,

Sorry for the late reply. 

Yes, I am using the Magnific Popup and there are no errors or warnings on the console. The screen is opening fine but instead of getting a popup window I get the screen opening as a page.

I also changed the Pop-up Editor layout on the Theme Web Blocks settings but still the same, I can't figure out what I am missing.

Hi Spiros,

I guess i can only find out what is really going on, in case you manage to reproduce this behavior in a sample app and attach it here so that i could take a look at it