I am currently making an application for Augmented reality. I want to go to a specific youtube url when user scan an image or something.

I am using Wikitude cordova plugin.  https://github.com/Wikitude/wikitude-cordova-plugin

I have made a template plugin and has added the url to extensibility configuration. I am able to discern that in the two actions which are there I need to check and then implement the action.  But I am unable to move ahead. I have no prior knowledge of Java Script. 

Please help as I am unable to move forward.

Hi Shubham Agarwal,

You can use JavaScript in OutSystems, using the mobile actions that allow you to execute scripts. We can't teach you Javascript, but we can tell you how you can integrate javascript into OutSystems applications.

For more information see the following links:




Hi Shubham,

I am also trying to add this plugin into my app. but not able to access wikitude in "window.navigation" or "cordova.plugins". If you have found any solution please share.