please i want to know how to close web feedback messages and how to define a time out for each feedback Message ? 

i Already Used this Script but gives me an error of undefined hide property : 

RichWidgets_Feedback_Message_widget.hide('slide',{direction:'up'}, 500)

and also tried to use this component but also produce a client script error :


Which errors are you getting in both situations?




Hi Amr,

You could use something like this to hide your feedback messages:

The timeout is a little trickier: perhaps you could execute this wrapped in a setTimeout, and you'd call it after errors in your actions:

setTimeout(function() {     
    $('.Feedback_Message_Info').hide(); }, DELAY_IN_MILLISECONDS);


Hello Amr,

You probably are missing the widget that is required to the Feedback++ to work:

Please, see the application attached to a working example:

Hope this helps.


working on SilkUI but not in OutsystemUI

Hi Buds,

It's possible OutsystemsUI uses different classes than the ones above - all you need is to identify the classes and hide them in the same way.