Dear All, 

I'm trying to save the contents of the data grid component, without selecting any specific row. I.e., I want the complete grid to be saved. Please let me know if any options.

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Can you elaborate a bit on this use case?

Are you trying to save every row in the grid, regardless of whether it has been modified? That would be very inefficient, since you'd be updating many rows that have not changed.

What you can do instead is use the Send Dirty Rows button widget to generate a button that will allow you to save all changed rows, without worrying about whether they're selected or not.

You can view the documentation for that widget here:

Hi Andrew, 

Thank you for the suggestion. Yes, I have tried Send dirty rows button for this case and it works fine. But I'm performing an operation which on button click, has to update a flag in another entity, save the contents of the grid and refresh the contents of the screen as well. In this scenario, since the send dirty rows or any save function with respect to grid allows the specific REST call only, I'm unable to perform the other two activities. Is there a way to trigger the save action of the grid  through a hidden button(like in regular button) ,Or, If there is any other way, please suggest