[Data Grid] How to disable combobox values in dropdown by dispalying few values

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Published on 6 Nov (2 weeks ago) by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 6 Nov (2 weeks ago) by OutSystems R&D


I am trying to disable few values in my dropdown combobox.  By displaying only three values in this. I can use these values in future but not now. I don't want delete those values.

How to do filter for three values does that work? 


Why is this related with datagrid component? On the database you could have a field called IsActive. And you would only show the active records.



As an extend on this, I'm having an issue with a huuuuuge dropdown (with over 50K items) and would like to limit the items in the dropdown by using the search. For instance, limit the displayed values by 10, or have the option to fill the dropdown using an ajax callback using the entered search.

Hi Joey,

It's always going to be easier to get support by opening a new question - this one is a bit old and attached to a specific component.

Regardless, have you checked out the Select2 component in WebPatterns? It should fit your needs.