[Advanced Excel] Possible to support the XLSM file format?
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I am trying to import XLSM format file and I receive this error. Possible to include it as one of the supported files for Advanced Excel?

Thank you.



Hi Edwin

I will investigate and get back to you soon.


Hi Hanno, news?



i have the same problem.
I'm working in Advanced Excel with xlsm file and all work well, i can write cells without errors, but when i use Workbook_GetBinaryData and from the UI i download the file excel says that the format is not valid. If i rename the file in .xlsx excel open it with all the data inside

Hi, try use the Mime-Type "application/vnd.ms-excel.sheet.macroEnabled.12" for xlsm file types.

Hi Huarlem, 

thanks for the reply.

 I am using Outsyatems 11 and the "Download" widget does not have the mime-type attribute. How can I do this in Outsysems 11?



Hi Carmine, which version of Service Studio are you using?

I'm using the Beta version and 11.14.16, try this one.

Hi Huarlem,

are you using a traditional web application?  (Here i can enter the Mime-type).

I attach an example oml. Using Advance excel and I get the following error:

"The file cannot be opened because the format is not valid"

My Outsystems version is 11.53.3



Yes, I'm using the traditional web.

I looked at your oml but couldn't get a solution.

Are you trying to open the file in the same version of MSOffice it was created on?

I got it to work using an xlsm file created in my Excel and downloading it with the Mime-Type "application/vnd.ms-excel.sheet.macroEnabled.12", maybe it has something to do with the difference between MSOffice versions.

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