Dear All,

I want to Ask how about DR Server OutSystems Infrastructure ?

Hi Rendi,

Please find the below link for DR server. Hope it will help you.

Disaster Recovery for OutSystems Platform Servers



Out-system has just a single link to share with evry one. the above link shows two scenarios for which OUT-SYSTEM does not provide you a single documentation.

Hi Shakeel,

What information are you looking, that you do not find in the documentation that Dileep shared? 



ps. It's called OutSystems not out-system


Can you share with us the documentation of setting up the DR Solution [technical] or couple of scnarios, apart from this link:

as till now i am not able to fins a single link to have any information.

Hi Shakeel,

This is the only additional document that I am aware of:

I will ask some colleagues, maybe they know.