How to debug on other reference function, the debugger did not stop....


I would like to ask how to debug a function that is reference from Manage Dependencies. The debugger can not stop on that function...

Please advice how can I debug it, thanks

can't you open the module? if you can you can debug from there, using :

the entry module should be the module you call the function from.


In addition to the what Stefano explains, you have to be aware that this only works 1-level deep.

For example:

You have an end user module A that calls a server action in Module B, and that server action calls a server action in module C. The solutions to select the entry module will not work, unless there is also a direct dependency between module A and C. If there is no direct dependency between module A and C, module A will not be listed as Entry Module when you try to start debugging module C.

If you don't have one you can temporarely make the dependency, publish, debug, and remove the dependency again.