Multiple patterns in regex_search


I want to filter https and http from a link. Higest unfortuntely it is seen as one word. But I need to have it splitted.

How to get it as separate patterns filtered?

I use:

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Not quite sure what you want.

I always use when i need regex. 

If you need easy split, you could skip regex and use string_split function.


Try separate the work in two:

 1. start by "https" 

 2.  treat and remove the "https" URL or URLs found

3. then filter the "http" 




Thanks for your help, but this is not completely what I ment. 

I just want to check if in url has "http" OR "https". If not, I give a feedback message back.

So, in the regex_search server action I want to check if it match with "http"OR "https". 

Now I tried this: but it took everything with a single character: 

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What is the right patter to check for both words?


Thanks for the answers, we tried it with "(^https|^http)" and it worked