[ClientSide RegEx validations] Component rip-off

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Published on 30 Aug by Abdul quadir Saifee
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Published on 30 Aug by Abdul quadir Saifee

Hi there,

By taking a look at your component, it seems that you have just cloned my original component and added some small feature.
If you see any component that you think that can be improved by adding an extra funcionality, you can ask the owner of the component to be part of the team and then applied update to that compoent  instead of adding a clone component with an extra funciontality.

Original component:


Ohh, is it? That's really bad.
I'm wondering how did you discover the presence of cloned component at forge?

Your app has practically the same name as my and:

My code:

"Your" code:

OMG. Almost same.

I would suggest to reach out the publisher of the component.

Hi Matheus,

I mantioned your name and original component in my post that, I got it from your code. I am not aware of process of team. Plz suggest if anything need to be done from my end now.

I just liked your component and tried to add dynamic feature in it. I am new to outsystems, just joined 4 weeks ago. So there is lot to learn.

Please let me know if anything need to be done from my end.

Hi Abdul,

You may request to "Join the team" on the component page.

Thanks Swatantra, Just checked that. I made some changes in Matheus application to make application generic, 

Do I need to Mark it derpecated/Deactivate and join team with Matheus and upload it there as new version of that application?

If there is no other download than yours, then it's safe to discontiue component and join original team. But again you should request Matheus (original author).