[App Feedback Connector] No screenshot is passed

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Published on 14 Feb by Johan den Ouden
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Published on 14 Feb by Johan den Ouden

I use the app feedback, but i don't get an screenshot for each feedback, only the text that has been typed. 

Our systems consists of serveral applications, i have them all selected for app feedback.

Only on the login screen the screenshot is sent.

How can i get a screenshot at every feedback?

Good Morning Marlies,

This forge component uses HTMLToPDF converter, have you configured and tested that within your environment?

If not, you can also replace the use of that extension for the Ultimate PDF forge extension (which does not require configuration), I have done that in the environment I am working on at the moment.

Best Regards,
Jose torrao

The HTMLToPDF  converter is working correctly, i just checked it out.

I have tried the appfeedback in my personal environment, and there it is working correctly (as expected of course).

In the system i am working on, i get this: instead of the screen on which the feedback is pressed.



We found out what the problem is.

We use an external js library Appcues, and that does not work together with the feedback. It worked well when we disabled appcues.