Web services exposed by Platform

Hi All,

I think from the following that there are web services exposed by the platform:


Is there a list of such exposed web services?

The reason I ask it that one of our clients is using Outsystems on premises and needs to either investigate these or have reassurance that they are properly protected with appropriate authentication mechanisms.

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Hi Myles,

It's very easy to create, expose an API and also there are manuals talking about tpes of authentication around.

You might like to check this.



Hi Swatantra,

Myles is not asking how to expose an REST API in OutSystems.

He is asking for list of SOAP/REST services exposed by OutSystems (the platform) so that they can check if they all have authentication properly implemented.



Thanks, Swatantra, but I am asking what web services are already exposed by the Outsystem platform. We need to be sure that they cannot be used by malicious actors to compromise our client's installation


Hello Myles,

Had to make a inventory a while ago for security reasons, was version 10, so things may have changed. Also don't know which were internal access protected and which not, but you'll can check it yourself. The list:

OutSystems components:

OutSystems platform:

OutSystems platfom rest:

So if you'll find more, just post them here so it can be shared. Think this already helps a lot.

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Thanks very much, Evert. Very useful

I think there are more, including lifetime APIs, but this is very good start