I need to integrate the apple pay in my mobile application.  Please suggest a way for that.


Hi Porselvan,

What did you already do to find a solution? Did you check the Forge? Did you check Apple Pay documentation? Did you search the forums?

Hello Kilian Hekhuis,

I had searched for the forge components, but didn't get any plugin for apple pay.  And in forums also no solution or suggestion is found.

Hi Vignesh Bala,

If you cannot find a component on the Forge to do the integration you want, you can always create your own OutSystems plugins based on Cordova Plugins (check their website for existing plugins you can use for your integration). 

I found this one you should be able to use when building your own OutSystems plugin. You can find documentation on how to create an OutSystems plugin based on a Cordova Plugin here

Hope this helps