OutSystems Style Guide for Platform version 4.1

OutSystems Style Guide for Platform version 4.1

I recently started the online training for Associate Developer and therefore installed Service Studio version on my laptop. Now, halfway I need the Style Guide, but can only find the new version (4.2) on the network. Can that version of the Style Guide be used on the 4.1 platform? Or is there an older version somewhere that I can use?

The style guide 4.2, only works with outsystems version 4.2, see the system requirements, to find older versions of style guide click on version history link, on top left corner of the screen.
Then you will find the 4.1.3 version, that works with outsystems 4.1.

Nelson Inácio

In the OutSystems Style Guide component website you have a "version history" link to have access to older versions.

You can also download 4.2. There's a trial version available at www.outsystems.com.