P11 Service Studio can't connect to environment

I can't to connect to development environment. I reinstalled SS P11 (version 11.5.43) and deleted all related files from disk. Nothing helped. If I run SS again it remembers settings so I don't need to enter them again. But it looks like those settings has some error. (As far as I remember P10 saves those settings in file on disk and deleting those files fixed the issue but it looks like P11 somewhere else).

Everything works fine except connection SS to environment. Other people can connect. I can connect all sites in browser including Service Center. Just SS can't connect to one particular environment.

Hi Valerij,

You can open ServiceStudio, than, when you encounter the error, open a new instance of it from the Taskbar. It should open it without trying to connect to a server, and then you could close the other one and try the connection here, checking that you are putting the right server address (just in case it is incorrect).

If it works, after closing, next time it will open the right one (or you may change configuration).

If this does not help and no one else is able to help, you may be in need of Support assistance, so open a support ticket.


Hi Eduardo,

Unfortunately it doesn't help. New instance works the same. It allows selecting any environment in list or entering new one but one environment saved in list still experiences connection issue.


And from other computers, does it work? Is the environment ok?

Whats the Environment version? The address in your list is correct? If you type it manually it works?

I didn't try from another PC (I was thinking about it but anyway I can't work on not my PC in spite of it will allow me connect). Environment version and environment itself is fine. And address is correct as well as other team members can connect to this environment.
Also I can't enter it again since it is the same as one item in the saved list so SS gets saved one.

What is the exact error? The print screen only shows some html, probably a page containing the real error message...

There is no whole message but just start of it. And if you see what goes after text it is just some web page HTML which is just truncated.

I installed the same version on another PC and was able to enter connection parameters from scratch (the saved list was empty).
Thus the saved connection parameters are saved somewhere on the PC. Any idea where it is? I didn't find connection settings on the disk and Windows 10 registry.


I found place where SS saves their settings on the disk
c:\Users\<UserName>\Local\OutSystems\ServiceStudio 11.0\Settings.xml
After I deleted section with broken environment settings SS started with empty list (all others also was cleared) and I connected to environment successfully.