How to create a web application with VUEJS from out-systems

How to create a web application with VUEJS from out-systems.

As an example: I want co create Service App to provide modules with Restful then use Web app to retrieve data via VUEJS....

Hi Tony.

VUE is an UI framework, like Angular and React.

With OutSystems you web applications for the complete stack, so it includes the front end and back end all as one.

You can of course decide only to build the backend in OutSystems, by exposing all you functions/data via REST services. Then you can build a web app using VUE to access those REST apis by any means how you would normally do that in Javascript.

Alternatively you can build the front end with OutSystems and consume and services build in other platforms to use data from them.

But what I wonder why you want to use VUEJS? Why not fully adopt the power of low-code OutSystems?