[Geo] Please expand Timezone Static Record

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Published on 6 Feb (12 days ago) by Marcelo Ferreira
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Published on 6 Feb (12 days ago) by Marcelo Ferreira


Would it be possible to add a property "Offset" to the Timezone Static Entity of datetype Decimal. This will then hold the offset of the timezone with UTC.

This would greatly speed up (at least my) development since I can then more easily calculate with the record selected. I rather will not do it in my copy since that would break future upgrades with this module. 

That's NOT safe at all. UTC offset changes during daylight savings. You will have the wrong numbers in there half the year.


Valid remark. But instead of just closing this request, how could we then make this possible? Or is there perhaps already a method in Geo that I overlooked to get the correct offset of lets say Singapore in comparison with UTC with DST in mind?


Just published a new version with that functionality. :)



Hi Justin, 

I just noticed it in the Daily Digest mails. Thank you very much for adding this. This is really really helpful for me :)

Kind regards,

Vincent Koning