Mobile App data is not deleted after Uninstallation

I am working on a Mobile Application and previously when i am Installing and Uninstalling, the local storage didn't persist until recently.

Lets say i have stored an Image or some text in the Local Storage. Normally what i Store in Build 1 is deleted after i Uninstalled it and reinstalled Build 2. 

But recently, after Updating the common plugins, it seems that the data from build 1 persist and is present even on build 2. Is there something in Common plugins or something i did that made this happen? I really am not sure what happened since i mostly create/use my own blocks and modules. I also use forge components that i dont modify such as Touch ID plugin and Location Plugins. In other words, i dont normally interfere with configurations that alter with the Build settings or Extensibility options of my App.

Is there anyone who also encounters what i seem as a problem? or is there any way to revert it back that when i Uninstall the app, it also clears the Local Storage? 



Android : On android right from Android 6 it  has automatic backup. If in-case we set the manifest settings tags like android:allowBackup and android:fullBackupContent in your manifest <application> tag if you don't want your data backed up or if you want to include or exclude some resources. It's not a bug.

iOS: The app has neither the responsibility nor the ability to perform cleanup when it’s being uninstalled—once the user removes the app, your code ceases to run. On app uninstallation, iOS removes both the app bundle (containing any resources that shipped with the app) and the app container (containing any files that the app wrote within its sandbox while it was running). Some kinds of data, like keychain items that have a group identifier, can persist after the app is removed, but, again, you have no control over that at the point of uninstallation.

Perhaps coming to your issue, what is the data which is left behind even after UnInstallation, because I never came across such.

Also SQlite databases [Local Entity] are just files, and they're treated like any other file: they're stored (by default) in the application's private data area (/data/data/$PACKAGENAME/databases). They're deleted along with everything else in the application's private data area.

You can create a database on the SD card if you like. They, of course, won't be removed on uninstallation.

Check if any of your plugin creating a folder on Phone Memory & that exist even after you UnInstall.

Hope it helps,