How to run server action asynchronous


I'm working on a web application, and I want to sun a server action that's actually generating multiple PDFs and send it attached in an email via another server action. I want to run these both without waiting this step to end and continue the flow as usual, and I down't know how to do it using a process. any leading how to start?


You can choose to create a timer to run the server action or an BPT process to have it run it in a background thread.



Hi Abeer,

Like Daniël wrote, there are two ways of running something asynchronous: timers and BPT. Personally, I would avoid the latter for now, as it is a pretty "advanced" topic. Timers on the other hand are easy, no doubt you have encountered them?

To run a Timer from your code, add the WakeTimerName Action (which is below the Timer name in the Timer folder of the Processes tab in Service Studio). This will kick off the Timer, which will run in the background.