What do I need to get sms working

What do I need to get sms working


I don't know if the "Setup, Upgrade & Administration" Forum is the best choice, but here it goes:

My client want's to implement SMS send and receive, on his Outsystems Apps.

What do I need to get this done? I know my client needs a contract with a Mobile Operator, but besides that I don't know what do I(he) need(s) to do.

Do I need to activate something on Service Center? What about the Server itself?

Any help is welcome....

Thanks in advance.
Hi Nelson

In a nutshell, if you're going with a mobile service operator account (connection to a SMSC), then you need:

1. install the SMS Gateway (Kannel 1.4)
2. Configure the SMS Gateway
3. Configure the OutSystems Agile Platform to use the SMS Gateway

Let me elaborate each item:

1.Please use the installation checklist to get the documentation and know how on how to install a SMS Gateway (its a linux box, so you'll probably need a new server/virtual server for it). You can get the checklist at Platform Server 4.2 - .NET Install Checklist and choose the Kannel 1.4.1 component installation.

2. Depending on the SMSC connection, the configuration can be quite straight forward. The installation checklist already have links to the kannel documentation that helps in properly setup EMI2 or SMPP connections

3. Use the OutSystems Agile Configuration tool to setup the SMS Gateway. Help information is available at http://www.outsystems.com/help/configurationtool/4.2/Gateways_Tab.htm

Additionally, please check the following technical notes, with more information on SMS handling and architectures:
Hope this information is helpful.