How to self-signed SSL certificate 1024 bit, x509 format

Hi there,

In the personal cloud we need to sign a piece of tekst before submitting it to a webservice. We have a self signed ssl certificate 1024 bit of x509 format. We tried using the CryptoAPI to do a RSA sign but the outcome of the function does is not the data we expect it to be.

Outcome RSA_SIGN with SHA256/PKCS1 algorithm:


Expected value base64:


We know the expected value because we asked the other party to provide us with the correct outcome so we can validate it. When we use the expected value on the webservice it works so where only struggling to get the correct value.

Hi Freek,

Can you have the self signed certificate 1024 bit with x509 created as explained in article and then use this as CryptoAPI to get the expected base64 value?