AJAX Refresh works on application server, but not IIS

OutSystems 10.0.1013.0

I am attempting to use a single screen action activated by button click (set to Ajax Submit) to do the following:

Set a screen variable to "Calculating..." and do an AJAX refresh to show the user (works on App server, not IIS)

Go out to an Excel file on the network and find a number of rows according to their criteria (successful)

Return number of rows found and updating the screen variable (via AJAX refresh) that reads "Calculating..." to show that number (successful)


For some reason, if I debug on our application server, everything works as desired - the screen updates twice, shows "Calculating...", returns the number of rows - all good.

However, if I run the same code from the same button click on the IIS server, the first AJAX refresh does not take place, and the screen does not show "Calculating...".

Because my users access through the IIS server, this is less than optimal.

What do I need to do to make the IIS play nice with my AJAX refresh?

EDIT:  The eSpace is configured into the Global zone, so the code resides on both APP and IIS servers.

Hi Chris,

Form what I understand you want to do ajax refresh twice on the same screen action and view the refresh on the screen. Unfortunately you cannot control when it refreshes on the browser, my guess is - the reason why it works while debug is you are providing more time for things to get back to browser and refresh.

I think its better to split one action to two, add a button to perform second action and hide it. In the first action update the variable to calculating, do ajax refresh and do Widget_Click on button, which can trigger the second action and perform reading from excel, calculating and final ajax refresh.