Upgrade failed - unable to open the database.


I have an issue with some users that when they are open the mobile app they receive a message and they can not open the app.

Message is: Could not open database 'bla bla bla': Encryption at rest using secure lock screen credential requested for key pair, but the user has not yet entered the credential.

Someone knows what could be?

What version of the platform are you using?

Are you using Offline?

Sounds to me like an issue with the SQLite database on the device side. Perhaps try removing and reinstalling the app.

Hello, thanks for you answer.

Plataform 10 and I am using local storage yes. Reinstall the app didn't work. The issue persist. 

Can you check if your users have Android pin or password active?

It seems this happens when there is no security on the phone set, for some phones.


you could try to get the users to change their way of signing in the phone and see if this solves the problem.

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