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Forge component by Paulo Garrudo

It is mentioned that we will need to get a license after 30 days.  Anyone has any experience on which types of license are required for the use of this items.  

1) Does it only require Aspose.Word for .Net ?

2) which edition is enough ? Customers is using it for its many applications for its own use and 3 environments Outsystems ?



Hi Anthony,

You only need Aspose.Word for .Net to use all the methods that are mapped to the component. You are not limited to available methods, the possibility to add more based on the Aspose.Word can be done.

For the license, you should always double check with Aspose. But based on the last interactions with Aspose, was possible to use Developer Small Business.


Thanks Paulo.

I have one more questions.  So this Apose.Word plugin can also generate PDF, right ?  I have a requirement would like to generate multiple pages of PDF and each page of PDF will be a record set.

Could my requirement be supported ?

Many thanks


Yes, it should generate pdf with the mail merge option. You can first test it using the component, add missing features that you may need to have full mapping of the Aspose Word to the OutSystems component. 


Hi Anthony,

I just responeded to same question but for another component. These custom requirements can be achieved using custom code(, as this is not default feature of the plugin).

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