Is there any way to send mail in server action without UI?

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Currently, I have QueueJob table that contains all records need to send the email. After retrieving these records from the table, I don't know how to write the logic for send mail in server action.
From my understanding, OutSystems only support send mail with UI Screen.  So besides using Mail widget, is there any way to send mail in server action?


Huy Nguyen,


u can use a job that call server action that send an email.

It is in the process tab, folder timer, just right click if you want to create a job without UI.


You need a Mail template in your application. This means you need a web responsive module to create the eMail, just like you create screens.

You can send the email in a server action.

Hi Huy,

if you want to send email their is only need ui for Email html and nothing beacuse email can not sent directly. you can create a server action or timer and only you need to pass email id or bodyor subject contnent to send email.

see the below image

Hope this will help you.

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Rahul Sahu

Sometimes, for some reason the OS mail is not working.

My friend creates a Java extension to replace it.