Attach resources to a oml file


How can we attach new resources to our oml file? like .doc or .xls files?
How can we update resource files?

best regards,
Luis Soares
Hello Luis,

You can use the command line executable OmlResources.exe, available in the Service Studio installation folder (type OmlResources.exe -h for help) to list, add, remove and extract resources.
Notice that there might be some restrictions regarding the location of the OML or resource files you want to use (you may have to copy the files to the same path the executable is in) and, the OML must not be open.

As an alternative solution, you can use an extension - after opening the extension with Integration Studio, just place the files you want to include in the extension's folder. They should appear in the Resources tab. Right-click the files you want to include and click the Include in Extension option. Then, choose the appropriate Deploy Action in order to copy the files to the directory you want them in.
Every OML that references this extension will have those files copied to that eSpace directory.
Sorry to bring this up again.
Aparently OmlResources.exe is no longer available in the current plataform versions.
Is there any way to extract all the resources from an espace at once? I mean without going trough every single file and choose "Save resource as...".

Hi Eduardo,

To add resources to an eSpace there is a commandline available "ServiceStudio.exe -importResource <eSpace.oml> <resource file> [<target directory>]"
But currently there isn't any option to extract the resources.

João Rosado
Hi João,

thanks for the quick reply. It's a pity that there's no such option. I ask this because i nead to compare the resources of two espaces (including the resources inner content). Is there any way to do that?

Eduardo Luís